Tuesday, November 6, 2012

India will be running on Dunkin

American food franchises are in a chase to establish themselves in the world Market. Through extensive research and capital investments MacDonald’s is in a lot of countries. Recently Starbucks open a new store in India. With the world changing, there is an emergence of a middle class in developing countries. Even with huge competition American based food franchises are relentless in penetrating the Foreign Market.

See news on Dukin Donut Below on ambition drive in India,

Dunkin’ Donuts takes on Haldiram’s, Bikanerval.

This ambitious localization drive — perhaps the most extensive one in any market for Dunkin’ Donuts — is expected to help Dunkin popularize doughnuts in India.

.NEW DELHI: This festive season, Haldiram's and Bikanervala have unexpected competitor—Dunkin' Donuts!

The world's largest doughnut chain that forayed into the country early last year may not have the reach or variety to make established sweet makers bat an eyelid, but it will roll out variants of doughnuts like coconut rasgulla, petal gulab jamun and motichoor laddoo rings in India this Diwali season.

This ambitious localisation drive — perhaps the most extensive one in any market for Dunkin' Donuts — is expected to help Dunkin popularise doughnuts in India, and is in line with franchise owner Jubliant FoodWorks' efforts to replicate the performance of its other brand Domino's Pizza in the country.

Dunkin' Donuts India President and COO Dev Amritesh says the product's 'flexibility' lends itself to high degree of customization. "There's a significant opportunity to customize the doughnuts for consumers — both for those who are used to the product and those who aren't," he says.

While the new varieties of doughnuts are being rolled out in time for Diwali, the fastest-moving ones will become a permanent feature on the menu of the $6-billion chain.




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