Monday, December 10, 2012

Ford Creates Its Own Amazing Race with the 2012 Focus

Ford is creating a real-time interactive event called Focus Rally: America to help introduce the 2012 Ford Focus compact car.
The Focus Rally: America is a competition that puts 6 two-person teams against one another in a 5 event, cross-country rally in the Ford Focus. Each event will feature a challenge for the teams to complete and the winning team will be awarded with $100,000 and 10 Focuses for their fans and supporters.
This competition sounds quite close to the reality show “The Amazing Race” because it is being produced by Ford in conjunction with the reality shows creators, Elise Doganieri and Bertam van Munster.
The 5 events will be streamed on Hulu, an online hub for TV shows and movies. Short clips of the events will also be shown on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter to help spread the adventure.
The challenges are designed so that the teams can be guided by their social network. The 6 teams will use Ford’s Sync system to stay in contact with their network of friends. The car’s GPS function will also come into play. Ford hopes that many thousands of consumers will become engaged by watching the show on Hulu, becoming fans and followers of the rally teams on Facebook and actively participating in the various challenges.

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